Pain au Lait Zaatar
  • Pains au Lait Zaatar
  • Pain au Lait Zaatar

Pain au Lait Zaatar (pack of 6)

Zaatar milk-bread, a taste of childhood with a Neo touch!

Delivery: 2 to 5 Working Days

Made in Lebanon\


"Neo Gourmet is a contemporary, artisanal and refined food retail concept and coffee shop offering high-quality international pastries and baked products at reasonable prices; not limited to bread, chocolates, tarts, cakes, sorbets, and specialty coffees.

Crafted with care and attention to detail and combining finesse and tastefulness,  Neo Gourmets products are only a click away from your loved ones!"

Sweet & Sour

| 31/10/2020

unexpected . very good


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Pain au Lait Zaatar (pack of 6)

Made in Lebanon\

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